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2023 Citizen of the Year

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Robert Heath

Citizen of the Year: News

Citizen of the Year

Community Service

It is vital to recognize citizens in the community that have impacted the quality of life in Union County.  Therefore we have developed an annual recognition program for citizens that have made a positive influence on either the educational, political, health, or socio-economic climate in his/her community.
Any Union County citizen who has made an exceptional or outstanding contribution to the community and maintains a wholesome attitude that fosters meaningful relationships with all citizens is encouraged to apply.


  1. A person that has demonstrated that family life is the basic unit of society.

  2. A person that has demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of his/her fellow citizens.

  3. A person that has made a difference in the lives of others through an organization or individual effort.

  4. A person that volunteers or works with an organization to impact the quality of life of others in the community.

  5. A person that has created an innovative/breakthrough service or opportunity for others in the community.

Citizen of the Year: What We Do

2022 Citizen of the Year


Franco McGee

Citizen of the Year: News

2019 Citizen of the Year


Joan Laverne White

Citizen of the Year: News

2018 Citizen of the Year


Nathan Hailey

Citizen of the Year: News

2017 Citizen of the Year


Hattie Gail Coffey

Citizen of the Year: News
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